Sahara Moon Looks In The Mirror And Knows She’s “Worthy”

For songwriter Sahara Moon, her latest single “Worthy” represents “an anthem for hope and a journey for some to discover how to love – which may be to learn how to love oneself first amidst uncertainty.”

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Released today on all streaming platforms, Moon’s throaty vocals blend the classic ‘70s vibe of Rickie Lee Jones with a modern Maggie Rogers feel. Singing over a simple acoustic bed of soothing major 7th chords, the New Jersey singer gradually gains confidence in herself as she tackles the uncertainty and self-doubt all of us often feel when looking in the physical, and spiritual, mirror.

I am not a superwoman/ I cannot feel the ground beneath me
I cannot hide the war within my eyes/ I cannot breathe
Can I talk, can I talk/ Let me explain what I mean
To the figure I am looking at in the mirror
You don’t recognize me/ You don’t recognize me again

Cause I know it’s hard/ To count on me
So please tell me I am worthy
To love again/ To love again

Moon wrote the song from the top down, intrigued by the possibilities of her opening line: ‘I am not a superwoman.’ “This line opened a plethora of ideas that led me to the following line, ‘I cannot feel the ground beneath me,’ she told American Songwriter. “Essentially, this line stemmed from feeling lost and uncertain about the future. But throughout the song, the lyrics continue to express self-worth and finding inner strength to move forward in oneself.”

Once Moon had the opening line, the first verse and the refrain poured out her, though the second verse took a little bit more time to develop. “I was trying to understand my feelings and the best way to present them within the structure that had already been written. Lyrically, the song was built upon a form of intimacy that forces us to feel vulnerable within ourselves.”

Sahara Moon “Worthy”

“Worthy” is also the title of her new EP, her third release, following her 2017 debut East Coast Girl and the 2019’s Live at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC. Moon often performs live at venues across the Tri-state area, and given today’s climate, she’s adapted to performing live stream events over the summer and fall.

You can catch Moon’s EP release party this Sat, Nov. 14th at 8pm on Veeps. Tickets are $3 and available here:

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