Sanya N’kanta Shares His Immigration Story and The Healing Behind ‘These Are The Days’ EP

Jamaican-born, United States citizen and genre-blurring artist Sanya N’Kanta is sharing his experiences as a 6-year-old immigrant to the present on Surviving the Music Industry podcast.

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Known for music that ruffle’s the feathers of one political side or the other, N’kanta admits that the truth is hard to hear. His These Are The Days EP still reflects his truth, but can there be differences in life that are all true? 

Sanya N’kanta was born in Kingston, Jamaica, but his family relocated to the U.S. at 6 years old. A traumatic move, according to Sanya, on many levels. To this day, it contextualizes his social justice perspective in his music, and it dovetails with the themes of healing, which appear in These Are The Days. Some might remember songs like, “I.C.E. At The Door,” and “Silence Is Violence,” from his larger release, The Counterfeit Revival. At face value, you might automatically develop your political stance before you even listen to a song. Sanya tells host, Brandon Harrington, that he doesn’t even like to ruffle feathers. He just wants to speak his truths and share the experiences from his life. 

Some of his most surreal experiences from his journey as an immigrant can only be imagined by most. Those experiences might have led up to N’kanta’s feelings of anger and angst that have developed his early sounds. Sanya affirms that eventually, he has found solace in the importance of acceptance in a room full of strangers.

When asked his own thoughts on hope and speaking the truth in the future, N’kanta says his idea of hope happens not where you might think, and there’s only room for so much truth before the media and public start to filter their own messaging.

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