Scotty McCreery looks forward to having a baby in the family

Scotty McCreery will be tying the knot with his fiancee, Gabi Dugal, in the next few months, but her family already considers him a part of the family. Just check out this photo she posted on Instagram for the proof.

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There’s Scotty and Gabi posing alongside her parents and sister, Paige, and brother-in-law, Eric, and they’ve nearly all got baby bumps! Don’t worry, Scotty fans. Paige is the only one actually expecting a little one.

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Scotty tells Rare Country, “We were all just poking fun at the fact that Paige had a big ol’ belly. She wanted us all to poke our bellies out. That’s all that was. Her sister. Not us!”

We know Scotty and Gabi will be there to babysit Paige’s little boy as often as they can.

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“This is the first baby in the family,” Scotty says. “[Gabi] will be an aunt after this, and I’ll be Uncle Scoot in a couple months.”

Wait, Uncle Scoot? That’s not a typo, folks.

Scotty explains, “I want to be Uncle Scooter. That’s what I’m gonna go by.”

Now, that’s priceless!

Of course, everyone will be waiting for Scotty and Gabi to have kids of their own after they wed. They’ll get a taste of what parenthood is like with their nephew, and Scotty is already planning all the stuff he’s going to teach the little guy.

Says Scotty, “I think it’s going to be good training. I think I’m going to be a cool uncle, if I had to guess. I think my nephew would love hanging out with me. I’d throw the ball with him, play a little golf, teach him all the man things. Eric will cover all that mainly, I’m sure. I think it’d be fun.”

Scotty has another special delivery coming March 16. His new album, “Seasons Change,” is due out that day featuring his No. 1 hit, “Five More Minutes.” You can make sure you get your copy of the album here.

Scotty is releasing several more album cuts in the days leading up to the album release. Keep up with all the new tracks here.

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