Song Premiere: Rodney Parker & 50 Peso Reward, “Steppin’ Into Sunshine”

Check out “Steppin’ Into Sunshine,” Americana rockers Rodney Parker & 50 Peso Reward’s new single from their upcoming album Bomber Heights, out September 16.

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“When I wrote Sunshine, or most of it anyways, I had gotten into the habit of sitting down and working up about 4 or 5, several new finger-style guitar parts every week; the goal at the time was to get practice as much as it was to end up with usable works,” says Danny Skinner, who plays accordion, banjo and harmonica in the band. “They’d pretty much always have a bass part, a moving chord structure and a strong melody built into them over which I would put a counterpoint vocal melody and verse. Most of the songs from that writing period are lost to time, but Sunshine stuck with me through all the seasons, year to year; I loved it, it never grew old to me and it’s meaning would age and change as I did myself. And when Rodney suggested we record it, threw in some ideas for what a b-part might look like and we worked those up together, it matured from a tune I’d been carrying around for my self, in my pocket, to a full-fledged song I wanted to sing to the world.”

Listen to “Steppin’ Into Sunshine” below.

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