Songwriter U: Noah Hicks Shares Learnings as a Young Songwriter

Renowned painter Vincent Van Gogh once said, “Art demands constant observation.” This feels true for young songwriters like Noah Hicks. As a newcomer to Nashville, Hicks quickly acclimated to the intimidating songwriting rooms by observing and paying attention. This, he says, has been the key to growing his skills as a songwriter. 

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After moving to Nashville in 2020, up-and-coming country artist Hicks worked with hit songwriter Rhett Akins (“Ain’t No More of ‘Em”) and has shared the stage with established artists Chase Rice and John Langston (“Drinkin’ in a College Town”). 

His energy on and off-stage has drawn the attention of hit songwriters, allowing for his collaborations to grow during his short time living in Nashville. Working with established songwriters, while sometimes intimidating, has allowed Hicks to grow his skills and experience in the room. Hicks told American Songwriter that he feels more comfortable on stage than in a songwriting room.

When Hicks reflected on his songwriting experience, he mused that sometimes you’re the main driver of the writing session and sometimes you take a backseat. Songwriting, then, is all about collaboration and the constant ebb and flow of ideas, feedback, and lines that don’t always make the final cut. 

And when Hicks gets into a room where other writers have a clear idea of a song, he’ll observe and let the song evolve. He takes extra time to understand other songwriters’ ideas rather than interjecting without fully being on the same page. 

“I don’t ask why, I figure out why,” he said.  

In true Noah Hicks fashion, however, songwriting is not always a serious process. The young writer, known for his contagious energy on and off-stage, said he actively looks for ways to keep songwriting fun. 

“Songwriting is meant to be fun,” Hicks tells American Songwriter. “I can’t think of an easier job. I try to be like Noah Hicks and no one else.” 

When Hicks isn’t in the writing room, he’s on stage. Following the release of his new single “Love You Too,” Hicks will be joining Morgan Wallen, Thomas Rhett, Luke Combs, and more at the Tortuga Music Festival from April 8-10 at Fort Lauderdale Beach Park.

See upcoming Noah Hicks concerts HERE.

Watch Hicks’ collaboration with Rhett Akins “’No More of ‘Em” below: 

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