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The Band: Early Winters, an indie rock group featuring UK singer Carina Round (Puscifier/Tears For Fears).
The Album: Vanishing Act, out February 25. If you’re in Los Angeles, check out the band’s record release show on February 26 at the Hotel Café.
Fun Fact: The band released this cool album trailer, which shows one of the band members swallowing a scorpion. Yikes.
Sounds Like: Delightful vocals, strong instrumentation and well-placed harmonies all under a thick melancholic haze that only sees reprieve on “Love Won’t Leave Me Alone.”
Songwriter Says: “We came together in a room. We spilled our fragments of ideas collected on our journeys. The sparks began to fly and we followed. We coaxed and we tamed.  Some to wild fires and some to dead ends. We dug deeper or we let go. In twenty four hours the survivors took shape and we breathed our breath into them. We captured them still fresh. We ate them straight out of the oven. We sealed them with a kiss and called it Vanishing Act. The songs became our common language for our individual yearning . . .  A moment of peace (Vanishing Act), a twisted fantasy (Thing For You), a misguided search for happiness (‘Millionaire’), a word of goodbye to an old friend (Let My Love Weigh You Down), an uninvited moment of clarity (Up in Arms), a hand reaching out to depression (Weight Of The World) . . . This record became the eye of our storm. A cumulative poem of our individual voices… It is the whirlwind union of our collective unconscious from two weeks, in summer, In Los Angeles. This is ten songs we hope you like.” – Early Winters

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