The Demos For A Difference Project Wants Your Music For A Charitable Cause To Be Released On Bandcamp

Do you have a demo you’ve recorded that you’d like to have see the light of day and support the NAACP Legal Defense Fund? Well, the Demos For A Difference project is looking for your tracks!

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Organized by musicians in the Asbury Park, NJ community, Demos For A Difference is asking artists of all kinds – instrumentalists, rappers, comedians, poets, etc – to contribute a demo of an original piece by June 26. The track doesn’t have to be complicated: voice and instrument, a phone demo, a rehearsal or live track, a rough mix, a recording of you reciting lyrics, verses or poetry into a voice recorder. Submissions do not need to be content-specific and artists do not have to be NJ-based. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

According to the team members, “we would gently encourage anyone who ‘just wants to be on a comp’ to pass. The memory of the victims and the cause for which money and awareness are being raised should be the priority.”

This compilation will be exclusive to BandCamp, and artists are not signing over any exclusivity.

Since the announcement was made, the Demos For A Difference has already received 70 submissions, with 60 more committed to send music.

Musician Brian Erickson, the driving force behind the project, said: “If I can help facilitate people coming together in support of a common goal — to get resources to an organization that has been fighting for fair, just, and equal treatment of black people in America for 80 years — then I’d be happy to consider that part of ‘what I do.’ What I’d like to see happen is for black voices to continue to be elevated; this can’t just be a fad. People’s lives aren’t fashionable.”

Here’s the submission information if you are interested:

Files can be sent to [email protected] by Friday June 26th with the release date being Friday July 3rd.

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