The Loose Buttons Climb Our Playlists With “Fell Into A Hole”

The Loose Buttons has the jam band, four-piece, feel-good tonality down pat. The group also offers a raw, garage sound that attracts rock audiences everywhere.  

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With a sound that is familiar as well as nostalgic, the New York Indie/Alt rock group welcomes a new single to its song list. The track, “Fell into a Hole,” is from the upcoming record Something Better, out February 7, 2020. It reflects late nineties and early 00s alt-rock. Something Better was produced by Gus Oberg, who has worked on projects for The Strokes and The Virgins, which was a tremendous pairing of the two. 

The song was written when the band was experiencing the juggle of work-life balance, as many creatives do. 

“It’s easy to get bogged down in the repetition of everyday life— working a 9-5, coming home and checking social media and seeing friends start to settle down,” says lead singer Eric Nizgretsky.  “In that monotony it starts to feel like there’s a solid chance my dreams will not come to fruition in the way that I’ve always hoped they would. But over time I’ve found the key to any sort of sanity (and I guess a great source of comfort) is remembering that I’m not alone.”

“Fell into a Hole,” absolutely follows the same trend as it was written in the bands storage unit that they converted into a makeshift rehearsal room in the heart of Queens, New York.  

The Loose Buttons recorded the track at Spaceman Sound in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with Oberg. The band also welcomed a close friend, Ava Trilling from sub-pop group Forth Wanderers, to sing a verse. 

Nizgretsky said, “Lyrically, the song is definitely about feeling lost and stuck and alone — happy stuff, I know — and ultimately taking steps to leave that vicious cycle behind. Hopefully if I can be open with my experiences, it might connect to someone in a similar situation who could really use it that day.”

The Loose Buttons has seen an influx of success since their latest EP Sundays, released in 2017.  It has been featured in various magazines and online publications and recently Flaunt magazine called the song “a fusion of any punk rock princess’s favorite elements…it’s intoxicating adrenaline will work better than any shot-gunned Redbull.”

The Loose Buttons share an appreciation for mutual inspiration and sincerely hope to reach their listeners and leave a lasting impression.

“If I can make somebody feel the same way that I feel listening to my favorite songs – then there is nothing more that I could ask for,” says Nizgretsky.  

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