The One Song Jelly Roll Says He May Never Release… Even Though He’s Performed It Live

Jelly Roll’s career has been on the up-and-up for a while now. His hits like “Save Me” and “Need A Favor” have been massive successes. His 2023 album Whitsitt Chapel was similarly successful and his first foray into the country music genre. Jelly Roll’s live performances have also been notably incredible. However, there’s one Jelly Roll song that he’s performed live that may never actually get released.

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That song is “Liar”. Jelly Roll performed the stellar new song at the ACM Awards this year, and it instantly became one of his most highly-anticipated tracks to date. Fans have been waiting for Jelly Roll to finally release it online, but he may just end up shelving it.

About a month ago, Jelly Roll did an interview with Taste Of Country Nights about his life and booming music career. And during that interview, he said that “Liar” may not get an official release and also may not be the lead single on his upcoming album.

“I don’t even know if we’re going to put ‘Liar’ out,” he said. “I’m still on the fence about it.”

Why Won’t Jelly Roll Release “Liar”?

During the Taste Of Country Nights interview, Jelly Roll also said that he wanted to put a flag “in the ground” at the ACM Awards ceremony to tell the world that he was going to release new music soon.

The singer didn’t reveal why he wasn’t sure about releasing “Liar”, but his vagueness may be a green flag for fans of the song. That being said, we’re definitely getting a second country album soon.

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“There’s a lot of storytelling on this album,” he said. “I wrote probably a hundred and something songs, maybe a hundred and fifty plus, trying to figure this album out.”

Hopefully, “Liar” will eventually get released. Even if it’s a B-side. Even if it’s a leak. Give us something, Jelly Roll!

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