The Revelries See the Bigger Picture on “Cliché Love”

The Revelries (Photo: Katie Kauss)

Beau Bailey was always fascinated with an unreal love—the one you only see in the movies—and kept writing with The Revelries until he captured just the right song around such an affair of the heart.

“‘Cliché Love’ is all about searching for that crazy, head-over-heels, dramatic, Hollywood movie-love, like the super cheesy, Jack holding Rose on the bow of the Titanic, or the epic kissing-in-the-rain scene in The Notebook-type love,” says Bailey. “To be honest, I’m not 100 percent sure if that kind of love actually exists in the real world, but I wanted to write the lyrics about chasing after that idea.”

The first single for the Nashville-based trio, consisting of singer Bailey, guitarist Logan Maggio and drummer John Lewis, since their 2019 release After 7, “Cliché Love,” out today via EDGEOUT Records, is a super pop anthem circling around a romance like no other, floating back to its core sentiment, I want that burnin’ fire, getting higher, movie stuff.

Produced by Grammy award-winning producer Matt Wallace (The Replacements, Faith No More, Maroon 5), “Cliché Love” initially started as an instrumental composed by Maggio. Experimenting with writing it as a parody one night with their manager and a few bottles of wine in tow, Lewis and Maggio transformed the riff from that song and turned it into a Revelries song. 

In Bailey’s mind there was always going to be a song called “Cliché Love.” The band had written nearly a dozen songs around the title, and this one the first one to work. “I love the idea of clichés because most, if not all of them, are true,” says Bailey. “That word has always stuck out to me.”

The Revelries (Photo: Katie Kauss)

“Cliché Love” was the first song we wrote where we looked at each other and said “Uh …I think we’ve really done something here,’” he says. “It just felt right because it had all of the core elements that all of us love: the dirty guitar riff, huge drums, honest lyrics and a catchy melody.”

It’s the first song that truly felt like The Revelries and nobody else, says Bailey. “It’s the backbone for the other songs we’ve written,” he continues. “Some of them will push left and some will push right, but ‘Cliché Love’ is the root and starting point, for sure.”

For the Nashville-based trio, originating from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the songs written post-After 7 are catchier and ready for a live performance. Immersed in pop and their passion for rock, The Revelries are discovering a new path. “I think the stories throughout each song are super unique and cool, but also simple and relatable at the same time,” he says. “We really found our groove and there is a consistent, cohesive sound throughout these songs. These new songs are a new, and better, band.”

Relocating to Nashville, surrounded by the lyrics and storytelling of the town, is something inspiring for the trio. “I’ve always been a melody guy, but after moving here I’ve fallen in love with lyrics and the storytelling process,” says Bailey. “It’s also super motivating because there is so much talent and passion everywhere you look. The first day we got here we went to a burger joint called Brown’s Diner and there was a band set up in the corner that was better than most bands we have ever seen live.”

Bailey adds, “We said, ‘If these guys are playing in a burger restaurant, then we’ve got a long road of hard work ahead of us.’

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