Top 10 Joss Stone Songs That Deserve a Revisit

Joss Stone was emblematic of the different musical tastes found in the U.S. and the U.K. in the mid-’00s. Much like Amy Winehouse, Stone’s throwback sensibilities and soulful vocals quickly made her a familiar face on the charts back home in England while it conversely limped into the U.S.

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Once she did make it across the pond though, there was no stopping Stone and the ’70s grooves she brought along with her.

Below, we’re going through just 10 of Stone’s biggest hits from the ’00s as well as her more contemporary offerings. Whether you are well versed in Stone’s discography or are just now dipping your toe in, each of these songs deserves a spot on your playlist.

10. “Super Duper Love”

Appearing as the second track on Stone’s first album, “Super Duper Love” embodies the throwback, soulful sound she incorporates into much of her music. Written by Willie Garner, the track was originally released by Sugar Billy back in 1974, making it one of many covers on the album. Her rich vocals and retro sensibilities are well on display here.

9. “No Man’s Land” – feat Jeff Beck

When a guitar hero and one of the most soulful singers of the past 20 years team up, it’s safe to assume that result will be something awe-inspiring—which is exactly what happened when Stone and Jeff Beck teamed up for “No Man’s Land.” The song was written in 1976 by Eric Bogle as a tribute to young soldiers killed in battle. It’s been covered by countless folk artists, but it’s never sounded as stirring as it does when Stone sings it.

8. “The Answer”

Released on her 2015 album Water for Your Soul, “The Answer” is a buoyantly, grooving number that imbues a healthy amount of optimism into life’s struggles. Written by Stone alongside Jonathan Shorten and Conner Reeves, the track proves her ability to pen a gem as well as lend her vocals to enduring hits.

7.  “Pillow Talk”

“Pillow Talk” oozes ’70s soul. Stone’s laid-back approach to the vocals on this cover showcases just how versatile she can be as an artist —it hits just as hard, if not more so than any of the vocal gymnastics she does on other tracks.

6. “Tell Me What We’re Gonna Do Now”

“Tell Me What We’re Gonna Do Now,” marked Stone’s breakout into the U.S. The record company got behind a massive campaign to break the English singer across the pond with this track paving the way. The shuffling groove and ear-worm chorus are hard to shake. It’s easy to see why it ignited Stone’s star once again in 2007.

5. “Cry Baby / Piece of My Heart” with Melissa Etheridge

Covering Janis Joplin is a daunting feat for any singer, but when Stone took on the challenge at the 2005 Grammy Awards, she delivered a performance of “Cry Baby” and “Piece of My Heart” with ease. Melissa Etheridge joined Stone on stage for what has now become a legendary homage to Joplin. The live performance later went on to be released as a single.

4.  “Fell In Love With A Boy”

For her debut album, Stone covered a classic White Stripes song, “Fell In Love With A Boy.” She fully made the track her own with it bearing little resemblance to the original. Her rework speaks to how brilliant Stone is at arranging music in her own way. We know Jack White himself was grooving along to this one.

3. “You Had Me”

Stone clinched her highest-peaking single to date in 2004 with “You Had Me.” Written by Stone, the song features a smooth bass riff as she sings Spittin’ in my eyes and I still see / Tried to keep me down, I’m breakin’ free. The track went on to her earn her a Grammy nomination for “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.”

2. “Don’t Cha Wanna Ride”

Mind Body & Soul features some of Stone’s best work, which is why so many of its singles have found their way onto this list. The fourth track released from the album, titled “Don’t Cha Wanna Ride,” quickly flew up the U.K. charts upon its release—and for good reason. It’s undoubtedly one of her strongest songs and an irresistible jam to boot.

1.  “Tell Me ‘Bout It”

Our number one pick has to go to “Tell Me ‘Bout It.” Released on Introducing Joss Stone, the song was the first single from Stone to break into the U.S. Top 100. Tapping into an ’00s groove and infusing some suggestive lyricism, “Tell Me ‘Bout It” remains one of Stone’s most enduring hits.

Joss Stone (courtesy Fran DeFeo PR)

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