Trent Reznor Endorses TuneCore’s New Songwriter Service

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TuneCore, the online music distributor for artists like Beck, Bjork, Aretha Franklin and Jay-Z is launching its Songwriter Publishing Administrative Service today. The new service will be an opportunity for writers to issue licenses, protect copyrights and songs, collect money and register their copyrights around the globe. CEO Jeff Price proudly remarks that “no longer will songwriters be shut out of a system. In addition to letting artists get their money in a direct and transparent manner our team is also getting the artists their earnings faster and matching up millions of uncollected dollars with their rightful owners.”

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails is one of several hundred songwriters who have already signed up for the beta testing period of the service, registering his new project How To Destroy Angels. TuneCore believes the service will get these writers “more money in a shorter period of time.” Because the service works directly with digital music services, it eliminates the liaisons used by other services, thus allowing significant increase in songwriter’s earnings. Songwriters can join TuneCore for the one time fee of $49.99 and 10% of all money collected by TuneCore. At present, the service is available exclusively to artists using the TuneCore distribution service, but TuneCore aims to open the service to any rights holder very soon.

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The TuneCore Songwriter Publishing Administration Service enables any songwriter to sign up for global publishing administration immediately.

It will:

1. Register songwriter’s songs with organizations that use and track their copyrights so they know they exist, what songs are theirs and what money belongs to them.

2. Issue any licenses needed and handle any requests for the use of a songwriter’s songs in TV shows, movies, commercials and other media, and negotiate any licenses with TuneCore’s in-house Film & Visual Media department to get them the best possible terms.

3. Represent the songwriter and aggressively pursue all of their songwriting earnings.

4. Get songwriter’s existing “found” money back before it is given to someone else.

5. Police the world on the songwriter’s behalf to find illegal usage or copyright violation and make it stop and/or get the songwriter paid.


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