Video Premiere: The Stray Birds, “Third Day in a Row”

Photo by Emilia Paré
Photo by Emilia Paré


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The Stray Birds are gearing up for the release of their sophomore album Magic Fire, out via Yep Roc on August 19. In advance of the Larry Campbell-produced album, the band has released a heartwarming, nostalgia-inducing video for their infectious song “Third Day in a Row.”

“It was roughly 4 a.m. and I was at home in Nashville about to go to bed when the melody for the hook came into my hand brains,” the band’s Oliver Craven says. “I was holding a nice hollow­bodied archtop, a 1959 Guild T­100. I had just picked it up and it kinda just started playing. Sometimes I think the instrument writes the song and you just happen to be the lucky one holding it at the time. I heard a siren in the street and the rest of the words came pretty quickly. Lucky me, sometimes they never come at all. I was probably asleep by 6 a.m. The sun came up and the song got written.”

“The filming began on the road with the band in upstate New York and Brooklyn, but to capture the spirit of where the band comes from, filmmaker Jacob Blumberg came to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania,” the band’s Maya de Vitry adds. “Colliding generations, these kids are walking the very same streets of Marietta, Pennsylvania, the little river town where Oliver and I first played open mics together back in 2010. Around that time, I would occasionally babysit Sylvie, who is now the ‘kid’ version of me in this video.

The Stray Birds are just three kids who grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but we have become family to each other. The days of filming this video became yet another extension of that family. It was so much fun. By the end of the last day, we were grilling in the backyard, and it was feeling more like a family reunion than a music video.”

Watch “Third Day in a Row” below.

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