Video Premiere: Western Centuries, “Weight Of The World”

Photo by Brooke Warren
Photo by Brooke Warren

In light of recent current events, there’s a good chance you might feel like you’re bearing the weight of the world, or at least a world’s worth of anxiety. Seattle country band Western Centuries explore that kind of emotional burden in the video for “Weight Of The World,” the title track of the band’s 2016 album and a honky-tonk ready ode to finding the silver lining that juxtaposes the horrors of the “prophecies of madmen” with the comfort of “the light of a woman.”

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“‘Weight Of The World’ is essentially trying to say just that,” the band’s Cahalen Morrison says. “Folks have a hard time, and if you can find a little joy here and there, get a little love and laugh some, you’re basically killin’ it. It feels like that’s one of the things that everybody is scared to realize, and admit, but it seems like a powerful thing to acknowledge and accept, especially when you’re seeing all the shiny, happy people on TV, in magazines, on Facebook. That ain’t the real world. ”

Watch “Weight Of The World” below.

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