Watch The Deslondes’ New Video For “Hurricane Shakedown”

Photo by Tamara Grayson

New Orleans country-folk band The Deslondes return June 23 with their sophomore album, Hurry Home, via New West Records.

In anticipation of the release, the band is sharing its video for “Hurricane Shakedown,” a nifty rockabilly number sure to get your feet moving.

“It was written as a rock and roll song inspired about my wife shaking me down for loving,” John James Tourville, who plays pedal steel and fiddle for the band, says of the tune.

“When Hurricane Isaac hit New Orleans, me and wife were hunkered down at our house for a week without power. No fans, AC, ice, fridge, etc. Although, during one night, we managed to set off the fire alarm … this is when we conceived our first child. Even though I wrote it a few years after in North Carolina, recording it in New Orleans at The Tigermen Den definitely gave us a loose yet driving feel that the song needed. The heat and humidity also encouraged that as well. The video is supposed to be some humorous encouragement to come out and fucking dance.”

Watch the video below.

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