5 Songs You Didn’t Know James Brown Wrote for Other Artists

"If You Don't Think" (1963) - Tammy Montgomery: A soulful creation by James Brown for Tammy Montgomery, revealing the depth of love and longing.

"It's My Thing" (1969) - Marva Whitney: Co-written by Brown and Whitney, this funky anthem asserts Marva's independence and echoes the spirit of empowerment.

"Super Good" (1970) - Myra Barnes: Myra Barnes, under the name Vicki Anderson, celebrates empowerment in "Super Good," an energetic response to James Brown's "Super Bad."

"No More Heartaches, No More Pain" (1970) - Vicki Anderson: A collaborative effort with Bobby Byrd, Brown writes for Vicki Anderson, delivering a soulful declaration of finding solace in love.

"Think (About It)" (1972) - Lyn Collins: Brown and Lee Austin co-write this iconic anthem for Lyn Collins, a timeless funk classic sampled in over 3,000 songs.