Writer’s Den Launches First Music Publishing App for iPhone


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Nashville, Tennessee-based Writer’s Den Music Group, a division of the investment group Rex Encore, announced the release of a new iPhone app on Thursday. Rex Encore’s founder John Simmons, CEO Thad Leach, COO Erik Haag and Head of Publishing Bobby Rymer made the announcement, crediting the design to Writer’s Den’s Internet Marketing staff member Adam Moore.

With the new app, subscribers can listen to the latest demos from the company’s writers, search for upcoming shows in and around Nashville, watch video performances and keep up with the company’s and the writers’ latest updates. In an interactive twist, subscribers to the new iPhone app who are 21+ years of age will be given free beer when they find company staff members at selected writer showcases. Pictures of eligible staff members – Bobby, Janice, Laura, and Adam – are available on the app (for those who haven’t met them). The new app is free and can be downloaded onto iPhone or iPod Touch devices and can be found in Apple’s iTunes app store.

The Writer’s Den includes staff writers such as Bonnie Bishop, Ben Cooper, Tami Hinesh, Trent Jeffcoat and Adam Wright. The company’s writers have had works featured on popular TV shows as well as album cuts for critically acclaimed artists. Some recent placements include Wright’s “Taillights Blue” from Alan Jackson’s Freight Train; “Rains Here Too,” co-written by Tami Hinesh with Kate York and placed on the CW network hit show One Tree Hill. Writer’s Den also prides itself on its international reach, including “Courageous” (Ben Cooper and Melinda Schneider) recorded by Olivia Newton John and Australian artist Melinda Schneider, and “I’m Gonna Make You Want To” (Tami Hinesh with Betsy Ulmer and Kelly Archer) recorded by Nathalia on Universal Records in Brazil.


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