How Did They Write That? Lee Brice, “A Woman Like You”

(Phil Barton, right, with Lee Brice and Johnny Bulford) “A Woman Like You” Written by: Phil Barton, Johnny Bulford, Jon Stone Recorded by: Lee Brice Peak Chart Position: No. 1 Billboard Country When and where did you write "A Woman Like You." Anything in particular about the vibe or your frame of mind while writing it. Phil Barton: We wrote "Woman Like You" in one of the writers' rooms at Warner Chappell in Nashville in July 2011. I probably drank 15 to 20 hot chocolates in the day from the Warner Starbucks coffee machine they have. We worked hard and solidly on the song, spending 10 plus hours on it, making sure the lyric was super tight. The inspiration really came from Jon Stone’s girlfriend asking him constant questions like "what would you do if I died,” and so on. Jon kind of mumbled the line, "what would you do if you had never met me.” I think we all related to the idea and each wrote it thinking of our own situations. How much did you edit it, during or afterward. Were there any phrases or words you can remember that were especially tough to make a final decision on. The song was recorded the actual night that we wrote it by Lee Brice on his home pro tools rig, and then the final recording was put down a day later, so we really did not have much time to make any edits on it. Thank goodness we did a good job on it on day one. It is Lee's first take on the vocal and took him something like 7 minutes. Pretty impressive, really. One of lines that seems to get the biggest reaction is the "yoga" line. I remember us... Sign In to Keep Reading

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