Exclusive Premiere: Lewis Brice Continues His Love Story with New Single “That’s A Given”

After racking up over 17 million streams with his biggest release to date, “It’s You,” Lewis Brice continues to share his evolving love story on his new single, “That’s A Given.”

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Premiering ahead of its September 10 release, “That’s A Given” was shaped by the same muse as “It’s You”—his now-fiancé, Denelle Manzer. Building off the original ballad-esque love song, Brice’s new single kicks it up a notch. “I wanted to come back with something a little more up-tempo and rocking,” Brice tells American Songwriter. With a characteristic twang, the artist says his new track is “a continuation of our story.”

“This song is a statement about me being there for my girl, come what may,” he continues. “Just as there are a lot of things out there that are a ‘given,’ so is my love for my fiancé. With a little bit of southern imagery, I feel like we mashed together quite the southern rock love song.”

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Since his 2017 self-titled EP, Brice has established himself as a dynamic contributor to modern country. His unique sound blends the music that soundtracked his childhood. Further building upon family traditions, Brice has collaborated with his brother, Lee Brice, who produced his 2020 track “Young.”

From gospel to rock and hip-hop to R&B, the pioneering artist fills in the sonic space with something for every listener—and all with a country drawl. “That’s A Given” sees the Sumter, South Carolinian leaning further into his Southern rock roots, wielding the foundational elements of the sound to tell a different story than he has in that past. “Instead of break-ups and drinking, I’ve been in a much happier headspace these days. So, I’ve been writing rock ‘n’ roll love songs,” he states.

Having honed his songwriting craft for several years now, Brice is proud of his development as a storyteller. “It’s fun to see how the music I write gets better and better lyrically and the subject matter just keeps getting a little more and more in-depth,” the artist shares.

His early hits like “Best Ex Ever” and “Messin’ With Me Mind” derived from a different place than his latest work. In the four years since, Brice has expanded the bounds of his artistry, while working through personal difficulties. Rising through the ranks, the artist employs his hard-learned lessons into his lyricism, allowing him to be vulnerable and create something authentic.

“Those were written in my ‘Ex Days,'” Brice reflects on his previous hits. “I feel like I’ve grown in the studio vocally and learning in the studio while working with my producer Ben Simonetti. He and I are both growing musically and always looking for that little bit bigger sound. My songwriting comes from personal experiences and where I am in life generally, and my life currently is a little further along from those first songs I released, I’m in a really good place and I think it shows.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of Lewis Brice’s new single, “That’s A Given,” below. Pre-save the song before the September 10 release, here.

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