LCD Soundsystem, “American Dream”

This new killer from James Murphy’s critically-acclaimed collective feels like one to which we’ll look back many years from now.

James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem performing at Forecastle Fest in Louisville, Kentucky on July 15, 2017. Photo by Kate Cauthen Usually this space is reserved for the dissection of a song that has established itself as a classic and has stood the test of time. We’ve only had a couple months to digest the latest offering from LCD Soundsystem, but “American Dream” instantly possessed the feel of a song worthy of a deep dive into its intricacies and wonders. “American Dream” is the title track of a new album from James Murphy’s critically-acclaimed collective, an album that is a surprise in itself considering that band had supposedly called it quits following a 2011 farewell concert. It’s a welcome return, however, and this track makes clear that Murphy has lost none of his ability to pinpoint and elucidate middle-aged malaise. Whereas LCD Soundsystem has often in the past married this feeling to fearless dance beats, “American Dream” lays back into a languid, synth-doo-wop groove. Murphy’s vocals on the song are some of his most emotive, as if he’s been listening to a lot of Disintegration-era Cure in his time away from the band. The setting allows the unraveling of the song’s protagonist to take place in agonizing slow motion, leaving him no place to hide. Murphy plays the role of omniscient narrator in the song, viewing his subject with a combination of knowing concern and muted wonder. The title of the song is more than a little ironic, since this morning-after piecing together of what happened the night before is far removed from what the phrase “American Dream” suggests. And... Sign In to Keep Reading

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