Charlie Whitten Debuts Title Track from Forthcoming EP Playwright

Photo courtesy of the artist

Nashville-based songwriter and musician Charlie Whitten has spent his fair share of time in the role of sideman, playing with artists like Andrew Combs, Becca Mancari, and Molly Parden. He’s a solo artist, too, though, having released his solo debut album Dreaming in 2012 and a follow-up, Hey Love, in 2014.

Whitten is currently preparing to release a new EP, Playwright. The EP’s title track is a fitting introduction to the four-song collection, showcasing Whitten’s guitar chops, velvety vocals, and ruminative songwriting.

“I had a wonderful dream about a failing theatre play where nothing went right,” Whitten says. “I was simultaneously holding onto a strong conviction that people sometimes over-narrate their lives and relationships to the point of failure over and over again without realizing why. I imagined a scenario where ‘plays’ continued to flop due to a fault in the ‘playwright,’ while the ignorant playwright continued to blame props, actors, and staging instead of realizing that the plot wasn’t realistic, the characters weren’t relatable, and the storyline was forced.”

Playwright is out August 25. Listen to “Playwright” below.