Next BIG Nashville Spotlight: Limelight

Samantha Murphy, aka The Highway Girl, secured a license through Limelight to record Johnny Cash's "Ring Of Fire" [Photo by Jeff Carillo] If you were an independent artist ten years ago, and you wanted to cover a famous song, say, something like The Temptations’ “Just My Imagination,” you would have needed to find the original publisher or copyright administrator and go through a series of motions to clear your version. “It could be a daunting task,” says Patrick Sullivan, the founder of a service called Limelight, which today makes that process a lot easier. Sullivan (pictured left) co-founded an organization called Rightsflow in 2007 to bridge the licensing and payment gap between copyright holders and people who sell and distribute music, companies like CD Baby, IODA and E1 Entertainment. But while Rightsflow made it easier for big companies to clear rights on songs, there was still something missing from the equation. What if a small or unknown artist, recording an album on a shoestring budget, wanted to cover a song? Using the principals of Rightsflow, Sullivan and his team created a simple online clearance platform called Limelight that allows a user to request, within minutes, a license to record a…

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