Song Premiere: The Cabin Project, “Throw”


The Cabin Project, a Portland-based orchestral indie group, has dropped the second of two singles from their upcoming album, Unfolded, which is set to be released June 24.┬áLike their name suggests, the band’s sound is reminiscent of the kind of intimate space created by artists like Bon Iver. Throw is a sweeping, anthemic combination of the trio’s skillful string sections and three-part harmonies. The group uses traditional orchestral and choral methods to create a track that is inexplicably modern, heavy, and pop at the same time.

“There is nothing linear about this song,” says singer┬áKatie Sawicki. “The words remind us that the many pieces or memories of the life of a relationship don’t always line up. Arrangement-wise, we gutted this song over and over again and ultimately ended up with something that really represents that idea.”

Check out “Throw” below.