Bird Talk: A Q&A with Angelica Garcia

medicine-for-birds-extralarge_1475249048182 The debut album from Angelica Garcia, Medicine for Birds, is, for the most part, a love letter to the South, even though the 22-year-old singer-songwriter is a relatively new transplant to Dixie. Garcia grew up in Los Angeles but then moved to the eastern shore of Virginia at age 17, when her father left the music industry to become a priest. We talked with Garcia days before her the release of the album (which is out now via Warner Bros) about the recording process, how the South affected her songwriting and her plans for the future. It's been a busy few weeks for you, I'm sure. Did you have any idea how hectic it would be. Busy, but really cool. It's just crazy to see the dramatic change of pace. From hanging in Richmond to "Here we go, I've gotta do this and do this." But it's all awesome. I'd heard that once things really kick off, things were gonna change, but I guess I didn't really quite think through how big the change of pace would be. Taking things back to the beginning, what were some of the ways music was first introduced into your life. I heard a lot of mariachi music growing up, but as for inspirations for my music, my step dad, when I was a preteen, started to introduce me to some of my favorite artists. He handed me a Neil Young CD for the first time when I was maybe 13 or so. That's also when he handed me the Rolling Stones, and that was a big kick-off point for me, because I had never really ventured into the rock world before. I was just kind of in the pop and Latin pop and Mexican folk music realm. When my dad first showed me these rock icons, I was like "Woh, people do this. This is crazy!" The real jumping off point for me was Neil... Sign In to Keep Reading

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