3 Songs You Didn’t Know Jim Croce Wrote with His Wife Ingrid

Jim and Ingrid Croce are one of music’s unsung power couples. Jim has no doubt been remembered as a star in the decades since his passing, but few give credit to his early songwriting partner and wife, Ingrid. Together, they crafted a number of vibrant folk tunes, performing as a duo from the mid-1960s until the early 1970s.

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While they released one album of duets together, below are three songs you may not have known the spouses wrote together.

1. “Vespers” – Cashman, Pistilli & West (1969)

Written by Jim and Ingrid Croce

The Croces teamed up to write the tune, “Vespers,” which was originally recorded and released by the pop-folk outfit Cashman, Pistilli & West. The folk trio shared the song in the spring of 1969, and later that year, Jim and Ingrid released their own version of the tune on their duets album, Jim & Ingrid Croce. On that album, the Croces also recorded a Cashman, Pistilli & West-penned song, “The Next Man That I Marry.”

2. “Age” – Jim Croce (1973)

Written by Jim and Ingrid Croce

“Age” is a Jim Croce classic. The song appeared on the singer/songwriter’s 1973 album, I Got a Name, but it was originally a collaboration with his wife. The two penned the song together in 1969, releasing it on their album of duets. However, it did not see the success that Croce’s solo version received upon its release a few years later.

3. “(And) I Remember Her” – Jim Croce (1970)

Written by Jim and Ingrid Croce

“(And) I Remember Her” is another Jim Croce essential that began as a joint effort with Ingrid. Croce recorded the song solo in 1970, but the track did not see the light of day until a complication album, The Complete Collection, was released in 1992, nearly 20 years after his passing.

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