4 Iconic Collaborations Featuring Blondie’s Debbie Harry in Honor of Her 79th Birthday

Debbie Harry, the iconic lead singer of Blondie, celebrated her 79th birthday on July 1, 2024. Harry was the focal point and one of the driving creative forces behind her famous band, which was among most popular and innovative groups to emerge from 1970s punk scene centering around the New York City club CBGB.

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Blondie’s music incorporated 1960s girl-group influences, power pop, disco, hip hop, reggae, and, later electronica. Harry also launched a solo career, and collaborated with an eclectic variety of other artists over the years.

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She was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Blondie in 2006.

Most recently, Harry lent guest vocals to a song by veteran alternative rock band Dandy Warhols, “I Will Never Stop Loving You.” The track appears on that group’s 2024 studio album, Rockmaker. In honor of Harry’s birthday here are four other interesting collaborations she did with various artists:

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“Go Lil Camaro Go” – The Ramones (1987)

Blondie and the Ramones were two of the most influential bands from the CBGB scene, and Harry was pals with singer Joey Ramone. In 1987, Harry made a guest appearance on “Go Lil Camaro Go,” a song from the latter group’s 1987 album Halfway to Sanity.

Debbie lent backing vocals to the track, and overdriven punk-pop tune that celebrated the joys of “cars, girls, sun, [and] fun.” The tune was written by Ramones bassist Dee Dee Ramone.

“West Coast Smoker” – Fall Out Boy (2008)

Harry is featured on “West Coast Smoker,” an energetic alt-rock tune featured on Fall Out Boy’s 2008 album, Folie à Deux.

Debbie belts out part of the song’s shouty chorus, then combines he voice with that of Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump.

In a 2008 commentary video posted on NME’s YouTube channel, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz shared some insight into the meaning behind “West Coast Smoker.”

“It’s [a song] that I feel particularly close to,” Wentz noted. “I’ve seen so many friends get to the precipice of something and then not step off, and then they end up falling off. And it’s not very delicate looking.””

“Shadows” – Future Islands (2017)

Harry is featured on “Shadows,” a melodic, synth-pop-influenced tune that appeared on indie-rock group Future Islands’ 2017 album The Far Field.

Harry alternates lead vocals with Future Islands frontman Samuel T. Herring. The Far Field was produced by John Congleton, who also produced Blondie’s 2017 album, Pollinator. When Future Islands were looking for a female singer with presence to contribute to “Shadows,” Congleton reached out to Debbie, who agreed to record a part for the tune.

In an interview with The Skinny, Herring said Harry was the perfect singer for the track.

“It really made sense, because she’s singing from the perspective of this much greater presence, who’s pulling me out of the darkness,” he explained. “[S]o to have somebody so iconic fill that role was what the song needed. I still can’t really believe it came off.”

“Heart of Glass” – Dolly Parton (2023)

Dolly Parton teamed up with an amazing list of rock-music legends for her first-ever rock album, Rockstar, which was released in 2023. The country superstar decided to cover one of Blondie’s biggest hits for the project, the New Wave/disco classic “Heart of Glass,” and she enlisted Harry to sing the tune with her.

Parton recorded a faithful version of the 1979 chart-topper. Dolly and Debbie traded off singing lead on the verses and blended their voices on the choruses.

Harry told The Hollywood Reporter that she was thrilled to get to collaborate with Parton.

“Dolly Parton has always been an idol of mine,” she said. “To be a part of anything she does is [an] absolute honor! Dolly is a smart, beautiful woman with talent enough for a dozen people.”

Blondie’s Upcoming Tour Plans

Blondie currently has four concerts on their 2024 itinerary. They’ll be performing on August 21 in Vancouver, Canada; August 23 in Carnation, Washington; August 25 in Troutdale, Oregon; and September 28 at the Evolution Festival in St. Louis.

The band also has select headlining and festival dates lined up in the U.S., the U.K., and Spain. In addition, Blondie will be opening for Sting on June 16, in Plymouth, U.K.; June 18 in Cork, Ireland; and June 19 in Belfast, U.K.

Tickets for Blondie’s shows are available now via various outlets, including StubHub.

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