4 Songs for People Who Say They Don’t Like Paul McCartney

If you’re not the biggest fan of The Beatles or Paul McCartney, you’re part of a very small but very real group of people. Still, there’s no shame in it. British Invasion tunes and Paul McCartney’s unique brand of songwriting aren’t exactly for everyone. However, if you’ve just been exposed to the hits and found they weren’t your taste, you might be missing out. Let’s look at a few deep cuts for people who say they don’t like Paul McCartney!

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1. “Only Mama Knows”

By the time Memory Almost Full came out, McCartney had been famous for a very long time. Any musician, regardless of talent or work ethic, would struggle to remain relevant or energetic after decades. Still, McCartney got his groove back with this pop album, and notably with “Only Mama Knows”.

2. “Ballroom Dancing”

Tug Of War is known for the heartfelt tribute McCartney wrote for John Lennon after his death. However, “Ballroom Dancing” is another song from the album that is worthy of attention. It’s high-energy, swaggy, and pumped with incredible piano-playing talent. It’s definitely essential listening if you’re one of few who don’t like Paul McCartney!

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3. “My Brave Face”

McCartney and Elvis Costello got together to make this stellar deep cut, even if the collaboration seemed a bit odd to fans of either. The melody is what really makes this iconic track, and you can tell the two had excellent songwriting chemistry together. The original demo featured just plain old acoustic guitars and the vocal prowess of both singers, and it really does work.

4. “Waterfalls”

Wings ended their last tour and McCartney spent some time in jail for marijuana possession, then he was quickly back in the studio to work on McCartney II. You can tell that McCartney was experimenting with new techniques on this album, namely with “Waterfalls”. It’s a simple yet beautiful track that utilizes synth strings in a way you wouldn’t expect for a lost love song.

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