4 Songs You Didn’t Know John Paul Jones Wrote for Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin is perhaps the best rock-rock band of all time. There’s the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and more, but for the quintessential rock band, for many fans, it’s the group famous for “Stairway to Heaven” that comes to the top of the list.

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But while the group is famous, it’s often famous for its lead singer Robert Plant, and guitar player Jimmy Page. Its third headliner is the booming drummer John Bonham. But the person that rarely comes to mind—at least, not enough—is bass player and multi-instrumentalist John Paul Jones.

The 77-year-old British-born Jones is responsible for much of the band’s excellent instrumentation. And he’s co-written a number of the band’s songs. For more evidence, look no further than the four songs below. Indeed, these are four songs you likely didn’t know John Paul Jones wrote for Led Zeppelin.

1. “South Bound Saurez”

Written by Robert Plant, John Paul Jones

“South Bound Saurez,” which is on the band’s final album, In Through the Out Door, was released just months before Bonham died. “South Bound Saurez” is one of six that Jones co-wrote for the LP. It’s the record he had the biggest hand in. In fact, the track, “South Bound Saurez,” is one of only a few Led Zeppelin songs that guitarist Jimmy Page had no hand in creating. And the record is the only one on which Bonham garnered no writing credit. Truly, it’s a unique one for the band.

Baby, when you walk that sweet walk
Oh, you walk it good, yes you walk it good
Baby, when you talk that sweet talk
Oh, it sounds so good, oh so good

With a little bit of concentration
And a little bit of helpin’ hands, yeah
And a little bit of raving madness
You know it makes me feel, baby
Both my feet are back on the ground

2. “Your Time Is Gonna Come”

Written by Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page

The opening song on the second half of the band’s 1969 debut LP, Led Zeppelin, “Your Time is Gonna Come” was written by Plant, Page, and John Paul Jones. In the song, Jones plays an organ to open it and Plant brings his lion-like voice into the fray. Page plays two different guitars on the track, ranging from acoustic to 10-string pedal steel.

Lyin’ Cheatin’ Hurtin That’s All You Seem To Do
Messin’ Around With Every Guy In Town
Puttin’ Me Down For Thinkin’ Of Someone New
Always The Same Playin’ Your Game
Drive Me Insane Trouble Is Gonna Come To You
One Of These Days And It Won’t Be Long
You’ll Look For Me But Baby I’ll Be Gone
This Is All I Gotta Say To You Woman:
Your Time Is Gonna Come

3. “I’m Gonna Crawl”

Written by Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones

Another from In Through the Out Door, “I’m Gonna Crawl” concludes the album. A chilled-out blues number, the track combines the sensibilities of early rock ‘n’ roll with the signature Zeppelin wail. Jones accentuates it all with his synth strings. All while Page weeps with his guitar and Plant crashes over the music like cymbals.

Oh she’s my baby
Let me tell you why
Hey, she drives me crazy
She’s the apple of my eye
‘Cause she is my girl
And she can never do wrong
If I dream too much at night
Somebody, please bring me down

4. “In the Evening”

Written by Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones

The opening track to Zeppelin’s final 1979 album, “In the Evening” is another one of the six songs Jones had a hand in on the LP. To get the warbling sound that opens the track, inventive guitarist Jimmy Page used a Gizmotron. Plant’s voice sounds like it’s coming from outer space. It bolts down like lightning. ,

In the evening
When the day is done,
I’m looking for a woman,
Oh, but the girl don’t come

So don’t let her
Play you for a fool
She don’t show no pity baby,
No, no, she don’t make no rules.

Oh, I need your love
I need your love
Oh, I need your love
I just gotta have.

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