5 Deep Cuts From Heart That You Should Be Listening To

Heart is known for its rip-roaring belters. Ann and Nancy Wilson have more than made their mark in the annals of heavy rock. And while we love nothing more than to hear Ann’s vocals pierce through our speakers, she is one of the most versatile vocalists in recent memory and, subsequently, Heart’s musicality is vast.

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To shine a light on the wide breadths of Hearts career, we’ve compiled a list of a few hidden gems for the particularly explorative listeners out there. Find five deep cuts from Heart that you should be listening to, below.

1. “Rockin’ Heaven Down”

Taken from their album Bebe Le Strange, Ann starts this song in a whisper. Step into the light
Your on / Hook into the night
, she sings in a haunting growl. When the chorus rears its head, it’s back to the regularly scheduled Heart programming with Wilson belting from the top of her lungs. When looking at heart’s top songs, a few common denominators pop up time and time again: piercing rock anthems that act as a showcase of Wilson’s vocal agility. “Rockin’ Heaven Down” is much the same.

2. “Down On Me”

“Down On Me” is a smoky guitar-led track also from Bebe Le Stranger. Heart steps into something bluesier on this one. They take their sweet time on this track with Ann hanging onto every note. Overtop a languid guitar, Ann sings Tell me what I am going to do / If it all comes down down on me with searing intensity.

3. “Little Queen”

The title track from their third studio album, “Little Queen” isn’t a completely unknown track. However, with “Barracuda” featuring on the same LP, the rest of the album, including this track, has been slightly obscured by time. “Little Queen” is a funky little number about the secret life of famous stars. Ann sings Away from the sellers, the papers said / Your crown was tight and heavy on your head / Still you danced and you sang, all night.

4. “How Deep It Goes”

Stepping away from the rock anthems for a moment, “How Deep It Goes” is a stunning ballad from Heart. Ann sings, I just watched the empty road behind you / Where the fog lies kissing the mountainside / You want to lie sleeping, deep inside. Songs like this showcase their versatility.

5. “Mistral Wind”

Yet another ballad, “Mistral Wind” is far more melancholy than “How Deep It Goes.” Ann’s vocals are backed up by a simple acoustic guitar riff and a scattering of strings. Midway through the song, the musicality takes a turn as heavy guitars make their way in. Ann returns to her usual belting self.

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