5 Questions with Fresh Country Voice Caleb Seth

We are all a product of our surroundings. We can’t help but be influenced by what is going on around us. Rising country singer Caleb Seth‘s music is a testament to that fact.

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The West Tennessee native borrows elements from a wide array of genres—pop, R&B, rock, and country, of course. Seth was reared on all of these genres, making his cross-sectional sound an innate mashup.

Seth’s enticing releases have earned him a growing spotlight in the country community. Though he is still in the burgeoning stages, he shows real hit-making promise. In 2022, Seth garnered a significant online following. It was enough to earn him a record deal that has only furthered his career.

His latest release, Wildfire, is chock full of catchy anthems and powerful mid-tempos. While much of the release consists of previously shared material, the title track is a new offering from Seth. In the song, Seth conflates a “red-flag” laden relationship to an uncontrollable, rampant fire. Seth’s myriad of influences are well on display here with none overpowering the other.

Below are five questions with Seth about “Wildfire,” his influences, and what we can expect from him in the future.

1. How do you mix your wide array of influences?

I blend my influences by taking the storytelling of R&B, authenticity of country, and the catchiness of pop, and weaving them together with my voice and lyrics. Each genre brings something unique to the table, and I aim to let the best elements shine through in each song, creating a sound that’s true to who I am as an artist. It’s all about finding that perfect balance and letting the music flow organically.

2. Why do you think it’s important to bring a new edge to country music by adding R&B and rock tones to the genre?

Adding R&B and rock tones to the mix brings a whole new dimension to the genre. It’s like adding extra colors to an already vibrant palette, allowing me to explore different emotions and moods. It not only creates an interesting and unique sound but also keeps the creative process exciting and dynamic. 

3. What inspired your new release “Wildfire”?

Wildfire actually came to me as an already-started idea! As soon as I heard the first verse and chorus, I knew it was a story I wanted to finish. And coincidentally enough, there was a girl I was talking to at the time who was showing some of her red flags so I really got to put my own spin on the topic. 

4. How do you hope the song connects with listeners? 

I think it’s a topic that everyone has experience with whether its a love interest, friendship or even your boss. I hope that if you’re listening to it and going through a similar situation, this will help you to not feel alone; to not feel like you should’ve seen the signs sooner. 

5. What’s on the horizon for you? What can fans look forward to? 

More music, more performing, and some fun collabs! I’ve got a big story to tell and I’m looking forward to getting to do that just about any way I can. I think it’d be real fun to team up with artists in other genres too and blur the lines of country even more. I’m also stoked to hopefully get on the road in 2024 so definitely keep an eye out for that! 

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