7 Songs You Didn’t Know Featured Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper writes hits.

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Whether it’s a song like “Time After Time” or one like “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” or “I Drove All Night,” the songwriter and performer has made her mark immeasurably on the American pop landscape.

But Lauper is one of those artists who has sneakily featured on other people’s songs, too. Don’t believe us? Just read a little further, music lover.

Below, we’ll dive into a number of songs that featured the now-68-year-old New York City-born front woman and indelible artist. Some of these, we’re sure, you’ve never heard of before.

1. “Code of Silence” with Billy Joel

Two stars of the 1980s collide! Here, Billy Joel employed the services of Lauper for his hit song, “Code of Silence.” The song, from his 1986 album, The Bridge, is epic, thrilling, and made that much more so thanks to Lauper’s indelible style.

2. “I’m Gonna Be Strong” with Blue Angel

Lauper released her first solo album in 1983. But prior to that, she was in a band called Blue Angel. So while the songs from that band indeed feature her, it’s necessary to include them in the traditional sense. Yet, they’re also somewhat lost to the annals of time given that she had such a big solo life as an artist. Here, with “I’m Gonna Be Strong,” Lauper sings big and dignified, a precursor to artists like Céline Dion.

3. “Everybody’s Got An Angel” with Blue Angel

This song is a bit more high-energy than the above. It’s spirited and listeners can see where high-energy tracks like “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” came from given this as a preface. Check out the dance tune here below.

4. “If I Could Turn Back Time” with Cher

Here, Lauper and the legendary artist Cher link up together to perform one of Cher’s biggest hits live. It’s amazing there was any power in the theater after they took the stage together. The two are such compelling people. Their voices melded and blended like two lightning bolts.

5. “Eleven Days” with David Byrne and Fatboy Slim

What a trio! Who wouldn’t want to be in the studio or at the dinner table with Lauper, Byrne, and Fatboy Slim? Well, here, the trio brought their talents to a single song together, offering the experimental-sounding pop track, “Eleven Days,” about not seeing someone for that long. Check out the synth- and electronic drum-driven track here.

6. “This Old Heart of Mine” with Rod Stewart

These two know what it means to be a spectacle and do it wonderfully. The two artists joined up live on stage to perform a rendition of the track, “This Old Heart of Mine,” and did so gloriously. Stewart in a glistening silver suit, Lauper in a bright red one. Check out their mind- and eye-melding performance together here below.

7. “Boys Will Be Boys” with The Hooters

The Philadelphia-born rock band sought out the services of Lauper for their song, “Boys Will Be Boys,” which some may consider to be the spiritual sibling of Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Together, it might be the most ’80s song ever written, recorded, and performed. Check out the track and prom-themed music video here below.

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