8 Songs You Didn’t Know P!nk Wrote for Other Artists

Pink has written plenty of her own hit songs over the years, from “So What” and “Sober,” along with collaborations with artists like Eminem, Steven Tyler, Sia, Kenny Chesney, Chris Stapleton, and more throughout the past 20 years.

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During this time, Pink, often credited by her real name Alecia Moore, has also written songs specifically for other artists—everyone from Adam Lambert to Celine Dion and two tracks for Cher’s 25th album Closer to the Truth in 2013.

Still working with longtime collaborators like Billy Mann, Pink also re-partnered with singer, songwriter, and producer Linda Perry—who penned most of Pink’s second album Missundaztood in 2001, including the No. 1 hit “Get the Party Started”—to write Faith Hill’s 2002 song “If You’re Gonna Fly Away.”

P!nk (Photo: Kurt Iswarienko)

“As long as you’re uncomfortable you’re probably on to something,” says Pink of songwriting. “The more uncomfortable you are, and the more honest you’re being, the better the outcome will probably be.”

As a songwriter, Pink said she’s an “open book” and hides nothing. “I’m expressive,” she said. “I’m honest. When I work with people, we share our most intimate betrayals and heartache and love, and then we just start playing. As long as people are telling the truth, I’m listening, but if you have nothing to say, I’m bored.”

Here are eight songs that Pink wrote for other artists over the past two decades.

“If You’re Gonna Fly Away,” Faith Hill (2002)
Written by Pink and Linda Perry

“Take a Picture,” Mya (2003)
Written by Pink and D. Elliott

“Outside of You,” Hilary Duff (2006)
Written by Pink, Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida

“Whataya Want From Me,” Adam Lambert (2009)
Written by Pink, Max Martin, Karl Schuster

“Guns and Roses” by T.I., featuring P!nk (2012)
Written by Pink, T.I., T. Williams, Seetharam, Jacob Kasher, Kelly Sheehan

“Lie to Me,” Cher (2013)
Written by Pink and Billy Mann

“I Walk Alone,” Cher (2013)
Written by Pink, Billy Mann, Niklas Olovson, Robin Lynch

“Recovering,” Celine Dion (2016)
Written by Pink, Tom Douglas, Allen Shamblin

Main Photo: Andrew MacPherson

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