Daily Discovery: Flower Face Blames Unrequited Love on a “Pisces Moon” in New Single

Sometimes there’s not much to say about unrequited love other than it just wasn’t meant to be. For Montreal-based indie rock artist, Flower Face (Ruby McKinnon), the only logical solution to this issue was to write a “devastating heartbreak ballad.”  

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The singer’s delicate voice begins on her single “Pisces Moon” with a soft piano ballad and accompanying guitar. McKinnon’s voice has a delicate ache perfect for any heartbreak playlist. She begins the first verse, sparing no time to gut the listener and bring them into the story.

I survive on a second chance
I feel your love secondhand
It’s someone else’s flowers on the table
But I don’t mind

In the case of mismatched feelings, it’s easy to give in to either desperation or apathy, the singer tells American Songwriter. Despite human nature to cling to the extremes, McKinnon believes there’s a middle space where the heart longs to go–a space that’s honest while still maintaining one’s dignity.

“When you feel hurt or humiliated by someone, especially in the case of mismatched feelings, it’s easy to want to either fold completely and beg for their love or go cold and close every door and pretend it doesn’t bother you,” McKinnon says. 

“I think there’s a space somewhere in the middle where you can be honest and true to your heart while still protecting yourself and maintaining your dignity,” adds McKinnon. “You can be vulnerable without being pathetic. Don’t pretend to feel nothing. We’re lucky we have the ability to feel things so strongly.” 

The singer captures this middle ground in a lyric that seeks to both blame the circumstances on the “Pisces Moon” but also accept that things simply just don’t work out sometimes—and that’s okay.  

I’m always running after that boy  
After he leaves me at the station again  
Cause I know it’s in his heart to be good  
I know it’s in your heart to be good  
He was born with the Pisces moon  
Dim light and honeydew  
I know that he’ll never love me  
But I can’t let it go 

“Pisces Moon” comes from Flower Face’s forthcoming record, The Shark in Your Water—out May 27 via Nettwerk Records. Described as a “crazy carnival of sadness,” the record hopes to explore the depth that sadness has to offer. 

Listen to “Pisces Moon” by Flower Face below: 

Keep up with the flower face’s release via their website HERE.  

Photo courtesy of Netwerk Music Group

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