A Poem by Stephen Kalinich

Stephen Kalinich (r) with Donovan.

The Days of Life
A Poem by Stephen Kalinich

One of the best things about being part of the songwriting community of Los Angeles is this guy. Stephen Kalinich – aka Stevie to his close friends. Those close friends include most of the luminaries of Los Angeles, including Donovan, pictured here with Stevie.

A legendary poet, songwriter and painter, Stevie’s written songs with the Beach Boys, such as the beloved “Little Bird.” His songs have been performed and recorded by Paul McCartney, Rumer, Brian Wilson, P.F. Sloan and many more. He’s also one of the brightest and most beloved lights to ever shine in this town. When people speak his name, it’s with a smile.

So we’re honored, on this first day of our new American Songwriter Los Angeles site, to bring you this, the first of many poems from Stephen Kalinich.

The Days of Life

The days of life
So quickly pass
Through muted time
Through the endless stillness of space
Through gentle joy and bitter pain
Silently they slip away
Each step we walk
Each breath we take
We can live love
We can bring peace
We can be kind
The little things we do each day
To help someone
Like drying tears with hands of love
Can mean so much
Can heal a wound
Can sometimes save a life
So each night
Before we go to sleep
Think of the feelings we can share
The lives we can touch with hope
The words of tenderness
That we can speak
To one in need
Think of the good that we can do
Through the days of life.

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— Stephen Kalinich.

Copyright 2007 Stephen John Kalinich

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