Alex Williams Shares Intimate New Studio Clip

Photo courtesy of the artist

Alex Williams is one of the more compelling young country up-and-comers. His debut album, Better Than Myself, positions the Nashville-based songwriter as a hybrid of today’s throwback country traditionalists and more contemporary purists like Jamey Johnson and Cody Jinks, making Williams something of a pioneer of the still rare sort of country that can appeal to fans of less commercial acts like Sturgill Simpson while still landing a coveted spot on country radio.

Videos by American Songwriter

Williams has just shared a new video for Better Than Myself standout track “Last Cross.” In tune with the no-frills arrangement of the track, the black-and-white clip features Williams and an accompanying guitarist performing in the studio. It’s a simple setup that lets both the song and Williams’ pristine vocals take center stage.

“That’s a song about feeling like, despite all of the bad things that happen in your life, whatever’s at the end of the line is going to be good when you’re gone and dead,” Williams says.

Better Than Myself is out now. Watch the video for “Last Cross” below.

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