Gable Price and Friends Elevating Christian, Indie-Rock With “Awestruck Revival”

While he merely describes himself as “a 21-year-old, living in a van – but hoping to graduate to a house soon, never having owned a car with AC,” the truth is, Gable Price is a modern mystic and force to be reckoned with. In 2017, the young east-coast transplant loaded his guitar, his favorite pair of Adidas sneakers, and the clothes on his back into his renovated 1977 Dodge campervan (otherwise known as “The Dreamboat”) and left Cincinnati, Ohio for Redding, California – a city where no one knew his name.

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“I only had the intention to stay there for one year, and you could NOT have convinced me otherwise,” Price told American Songwriter.

In fact, it was not long after Price moved westward that he met Adam Elizarraraz (Electric Guitar), Cameron Pablo (Guitars), David Funk (Bass/Keys), and Daniel Vargas (Drums), and decided a year would simply not be long enough. The boys collectively became the Christian indie-rock band, Gable Price and Friends – who some have recently coined, “The Bad Boys of K-LOVE.” Their 2018 debut release, The Redding EP, featuring the hit single “Dead Man,” birthed a devout regional following. It was the widely praised release of “Awestruck Revival,” and subsequent singles from their 2020 freshman LP release, Fractioned Heart, however, that have swiftly grabbed national attention and established the band’s notoriety.

“You are respiring / You’re filling my lungs / And I’m starstruck / Because your pockets are full / of the dust that we come from”

Price shares, “I have realized, that while I love making music, and playing shows, it is the feeling of doing something significant that drives and fulfills me. The thought that a lyric that BARELY made it into a track that talks someone off a ledge, and the thought that we could potentially be the guys that inspire a kid to start writing songs and making music. Those things really get me fired up.”

Fractioned Heart is a forty-four minute, emotionally electrifying exploration of where faith intersects everyday life – enthralling from end to end. “I tend to get debilitated by the things I don’t understand every centimeter of,” admits Price. “I cannot understand the infinite, and that terrifies me. There are aspects of the divine that I will never be able to understand on this side of eternity, and most days that’s not okay with me. But “Awestruck Revival” is my public declaration, if you will, that I want to learn to be okay with it.”

Gable Price and Friends is currently one of the Christian music industry’s best-kept secrets.
Price’s fervent songwriting and spirited vocals, reminiscent of Matt Thiessen and Colony House, shine throughout the album’s opening tracks, “Heretic,” “Awestruck Revival,” and “Communion,” and steadily retreat into heart-wrenching intimacy by its close. If Fractioned Heart is any indication, it won’t be long before Gable Price and Friends is a household name.

“One of the most frustrating things about the world is that there are things you cannot explain. That will never change. You don’t have to know the end, to enjoy the chapter you’re in – Don’t put down the book.”

Listen to Gable Price & Friend’s lead single, “Awestruck Revival,” from their latest record, Fractioned Heart, below.

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