Baker Grace Offers A Wonderful Mix of Music In “See The Future”

There is so much happening in See the Future, the new release from Baker Grace, and we love all of it.

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It has a background beat that could fit in with both modern music and offer some synth familiarity to mid-90s hip hop fans. Her voice has moments of breathy jazz notes as well as a the new-age spoken note. No matter which of those things that steals your attention on multiple listenings, it is hard to deny that this song belongs on a new favorites playlist.

Grace told American Songwriter that she wasn’t trying to misconstrue the meaning the song and that the lyrics hold a very literal meaning to her.

See The Future is about taking control of your own destiny,” she said. “It’s about taking the time to figure out what is best for you and carving your own path to get there, so you can always be one step ahead and unchanged by everything that tries to get in your way.”

Rum diddee dum dum rum dum dum / The power I hold at the tip of my tongue / Rum diddee dum dum rum dum dum / I see my future before it’s begun.

The 19-year-old showcased two major influencers in one track, no matter how varied Carole King and Tupac Shakur are.

“I love how Carole King writes about all these complicated emotions but in such a simple, digestible way that anyone can connect to,” she says. “And with Tupac, and hip-hop in general, I love how there’s so much honesty—they’re saying whatever’s on their minds, in a way that seems really lacking in pop music.”

The single comes with a visualizer that reveals four different layers of the artwork when a custom Instagram filter is placed over it (a clever play on the song’s title).

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3. WATCH the “See The Future” visualizer

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