BandLab’s Albums Lets Independent Musicians Publish Their Music With Complete Control

BandLab is a social music platform that gives creators the tools to make music. Today, the company launches BandLab Albums, which lets independent musicians self-publish their music on their own in a professional format with complete creative control and maintaining 100% of earnings.

BandLab Albums offers unlimited free storage and there are no commissions, no joining fees. Artists on BandLab have complete ownership of their creative output, and control their own pricing to sell unlimited singles, EPs and albums freely and on their own terms.  This new feature is the latest in a raft of creation, curation and collaboration tools used by a growing community of over 20 million creators

Since launching in 2015, BandLab’s mission has been to empower the next generation of music creation, and Albums stays true to this ethos.  Within its ecosystem are a free DAW, 200 professionally created virtual instruments from drum kits to pianos and guitar/bass amp simulation. Users can also use their own instruments and load in files from other DAWS.

BandLab Albums caters to a broad spectrum of creators, allowing anyone to publish an album in three easy steps. Creators can choose to upload original tracks made in BandLab or import tracks from another program or source. Customizable features include the design of the album, and the option to attach bonus content in a wide variety of formats, such as lyric sheets, images, videos, or behind-the-scenes content.

Creators decide what they want to charge for their album; BandLab doesn’t charge for this feature, nor take a cut. Creators can choose to set a fee to download their album or release it free. There are no hidden fees or subscription charges for listeners or creators, beyond payment gateway fees, powered by Stripe.

BandLab’s cloud-based music production platform integrates music making, mastering and collaboration tools, and with this release, now offers professional tools to help artists sell their music as well. BandLab is available as a web version, iOS, and Android app. As of May 2020, BandLab has over 20 million registered users from over 180 countries. BandLab has been experiencing significant growth in 2020, averaging 1 million monthly downloads, and 10 million tracks saved on the platform monthly. 

Publishing to Albums is currently only available via web, with plans for iOS and Android versions of the BandLab app in the near future. Music released via BandLab Albums can be downloaded or listened to via BandLab on the web, as well as via BandLab’s iOS and Android apps.

Tech specs information on BandLab Albums:

• Albums can be published by signing up to BandLab, and uploading tracks via web (Chrome web browser recommended). 

• BandLab supports music file formats wav, mp3, m4a, ogg, and aac for uploading. 

• Up to 50 songs can be uploaded as an album

• Up to 10 files  (10MB each) can be uploaded as bonus materials for fans to download once they purchase an album.  Most image and video formats are supported.

• Listeners can listen or download Albums via web at, or via the BandLab app for iOS or Android

• Downloads are delivered as M4As (96Kbps, 44.1 kHz)

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