Behind the Band Name: Air Supply

Few have rocked softer than the adult contemporary outfit Air Supply. They soundtracked the late 1970s and early ’80s with their trademark sentimentality, becoming staple balladeers across the airwaves. Their love songs, either choked up with heartache or soaring triumphant, seemed to fill the spaces in between. Was that where their name came from?

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Behind the Name

The Australia-formed group was fronted by a musical power couple, co-vocalists Englishman Graham Russell and Aussie Russell Hitchcock.

There are several theories as to how the pair picked their name. Some sources say Air Supply came from the founders’ matching Gemini zodiac sign—an air sign. Others have said the term “air supply” is a common Australian expression.

However, according to the group’s website, their name actually came from a dream. Graham dreamt of a billboard with flashing lights all around it. The words “AIR SUPPLY” could be seen in the center.

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With that name, together the pair patented a sound that quickly became synonymous with ’80s love songs. Russell’s crisp tenor paired with Graham’s skills as a composer made them an unmatched force during that time.

Air Supply Today

Still beloved internationally, Air Supply continues to tour the world. They regularly perform across the United Kingdom, North America, and Asia.

In fact, a jukebox musical of all their biggest hits, titled All Out of Love: The Musical, was made in the Philippines in 2018. The production opened at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Manila’s Resorts World. It featured an all-new song written by the duo.

Air Supply’s website reads the pair have never had an argument in their nearly five decades together, calling it “a true testament to the respect, passion, and love they have for Air Supply and the deep friendship they share. And to the delight of their fans both new and old, the journey continues…”

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