Behind the Meaning of “Bodyguard” by Beyoncé–and the Man Fans Think Inspired It

Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter is a sonic tasting of many different flavors. There are, of course, country elements, moments of R&B goodness, rock flares, and even doses of pop perfection. When the singer described the work as a “Beyoncé album” she hit the nail right on the head. It is otherwise undefinable.

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Among the fan favorites from Cowboy Carter is “Bodyguard.” It has been the subject of much online discussion with fans, playfully, attributing the song to Beyoncé’s own bodyguard, Julius de Boer. Uncover the meaning behind this track, below.

Behind the Meaning

So sweet
I give you kisses in the backseat
I whisper secrets in the backbeat
You make me cry, you make me happy, happy

We naturally have to give credit to Jay-Z for inspiring this song. Though Beyoncé hasn’t expressly said who inspired this loved-up tune, we feel it’s a safe bet to attribute it to her husband. Beyoncé has many songs that see her express her love, but few do so as whole-heartedly as she does here.

She isn’t afraid to take on the role of the protector in a relationship. Be your best friend / I protect you in the mosh pit / And I’ll defend you in the gossip / You know how people like to start shit and pop shit, she sings.

While songs about being the protective force in a relationship are usually resigned to male singers for whatever reason, Beyoncé flips the script with this soon-to-be-hit.

They couldn’t catch you
And they never will
Sometimes I hold you closer
Just to know you’re real
Tell me your problems
I take how you feel
I show you an exit
When you’re restless I take the wheel

While it seems this song is truly an ode to her enduring relationship with Jay-Z, the title has prompted fans to make numerous jokes about Beyoncé’s own bodyguard, Julius de Boer.

Fans have long fueled rumors about the two, given how closely they work. While that is little more than gossip, it hasn’t stopped fans from, jokingly, claiming that Beyoncé is confirming the affair with this track.

Listen to the song below and decide for yourself who Beyoncé is singing about.

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