Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Casey Conroy

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Casey Conroy over Zoom video!

Looking toward the future, Casey Conroy knows if music doesn’t tell the truth – it’s not worth making, noting of her process, “I’m not interested in glamorizing myself just for the sake of being glamorous. It’s really important for me to reflect and make music about real people and real things.” With this vision in tow, as well as Earmilk and OnesToWatch features, Conroy is continuing her glowy indie pop journey after well received single “Say It” dropped late 2020. Produced and written alongside collaborator, Willy Colón, her upcoming EP, coming spring 2021, is introspective, yet bright, and speaks to the risks and rewards that come with life’s push and pull.

Exposed to music at a young age, the Orlando native spent time singing old Irish folk songs and honing her songwriting skills with her father. After finding her home at the piano, she found power in emotional ballads and began writing under the influence of Depeche Mode, Frank Ocean, Kimbra, and Coldplay, always gravitating towards artists that were “great songwriters first.” Ups and downs followed as Conroy pushed through an industry that looked to make her over, ultimately strengthening her determination to produce and write.

With an eye towards uplifting and collaborating with artists of similar mindset, Conroy is defiant in her will to bring like-minded fans together through her music. After months of preparation, homegrown from hours in her bedroom, Casey Conroy offers a glimpse into how trusting and expressing oneself naturally is inherent in pure pop joy.

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