Bringin’ It Backwards: Interview with ELIZZA

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Together with American Songwriter, we had the pleasure of interviewing ELIZZA over Zoom video! 

Singer-songwriter ELIZZA recently released, “London Eyes”, co-written by Mars Today, an LA-based producer. No boundaries, no rules, highly unpredictable – this is how she describes her music and her latest single.

On first listen, it might sound like a romantic story that draws from ELIZZA’s personal experiences in the vein of previous releases “Habit”, “Want to Keep” and “Can’t Quit” – but this time “London Eyes” is a love letter to all the memories she has made in the beautiful city that she calls home: London.

“The story is about my love and “sometimes” hate relationship with London. Since I moved here, I have been falling deeply in love with it but also find myself struggling to accept all that is London. “London Eyes” talks about how I feel the city is “keeping eyes” on me and not letting me go.”

“In one way, I like this constant pull, but I also realize that there are so many times I find it tough. It can be expensive but also presents opportunities, it’s been a lot of years of working very hard to enjoy the best of this city. And then London has all the temptations you can imagine and more, you get addicted. At the end of the day, it’s home and I love it,” says ELIZZA.

The singer’s stylistic versatility and range has already been demonstrated in previous releases, but “London Eyes” introduces a boldly innovative twist on pop music. ELIZZA’s songwriting process is grounded in spontaneity, but nonetheless goes deep and holds real meaning – both in poetic, insightful lyrics and skilfully crafted melodies.

Speaking about the creative process behind “London Eyes”, ELIZZA commented: “It was my second trip to Los Angeles and I had a session arranged with Mars Today. I definitely didn’t think I would walk outside the studio that day with a song like this. Mars Today wanted to challenge me and I took it on, and when we were talking about our musical influences and what’s happening in my life at that time, somehow the conversation was getting deeper about London as I was sharing with him more about me and who I am. All this conversation and jamming led us to writing this song in which London represents a “person” and how my personal experiences, my relationships, my ups and downs over the past 10 years in this city and with this city, have shaped my life.”

ELIZZA is committed to sharing her experience and emotion with the world through her music. Her passion and authenticity shows through in every note that she records, and is swiftly inspiring a growing international fanbase. She believes that, unlike anything else, the medium of music has the power to break boundaries, elicit deep feelings, and spark new ideas. Her heartfelt songs do just that.

“London Eyes” is out now! More on ELIZZA from MN2S.

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