Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with SOKO


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The track is from her new album, Feel Feelings,​​ released on July 10​​
​​View Video HERE​​

SOKO celebrated Pride Month with the release of “Oh To Be A Rainbow,” a song from her forthcoming third album, Feel Feelings. The Los Angeles-based French singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/actress is joined on the shimmering track by Sean Lennon, Patrick Wimberly (MGMT, Chairlift, Solange), Brad Oberhofer and Colin Caulfield (DIIV).​​
​​Stream HERE.​​

​​SOKO says, “This is my gay anthem! Let it be known! It’s about turning all of my very straight girlfriends not so straight anymore! And about not wanting to be saved through a relationship but really wanting someone equal.” ​​

​​The vibrant, color-saturated quarantine video, which SOKO directed, is by turns playful, tender, sensuous and joyful, just like the song. View HERE.​​

​​Feel Feelings was released on July 10 via Because / Babycat Records. Initially, the label delayed the album due to the pandemic. More recently, SOKO moved the record to July. In a post, she explained to fans, “Given the climate of the world right now, it feels inappropriate to spend my energy on self-promotion. I am instead focused on being an ally to the Black community. I want to put my effort into making sure that justice gets served and everybody gets the respect they deserve in a world that is safe for all.” ​​
​​Acclaim has been mounting as SOKO has shared tracks in the lead-up to the album’s release. NYLON asked, “Is Soko ever not delightful?” Q Magazine observed, “On her third LP, Soko moves into more polished, decidedly retro territory: shades of classy ‘60s pop mingle with cosmic electronica.” “Feel how you feel and when you feel sad, maybe put [‘Being Sad is Not A Crime’] on for a little comfort,” said Refinery 29Paper Mag urged, “Watch the ‘Being Sad Is Not A Crime’ video, which is basically a lush, colorful Gucci editorial, which in my opinion is anything but sad.”​​

View “Being Sad is Not A Crime” – directed by Gilbert Trejo and featuring Bob Barker Marionettes – HERE and watch “Are You A Magician?” – directed by Gia Coppola – HERE.​​

​​SOKO made her full-length debut with the 2012 album I Thought I Was An Alien, which Stereogum praised as “gorgeous, ethereally plaintive.” The track “We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow” was featured in Tatia Pilieva’s video “First Kiss.” After the video went viral, the song entered the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 and topped Billboard’s Streaming Songs chart.​​

​​Her sophomore album, My Dreams Dictate My Reality, was released in 2015 and landed SOKO on the covers of such magazines as NYLON, Dazed, L’Officiel and At Large, to name a few. The album included such songs as “Who Wears the Pants??” plus “Monster Love” and “Lovetrap,” which featured Ariel Pink. SOKO has also collaborated with such artists as Beach Fossils and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. She received her second César nomination for her lead performance in the 2016 French film The Dancer.​​

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