Daily Discovery: Cami Petyn Is Sick & “Tired” Of Feeling Everything

Cami Petyn has a knack for weaving genres together like threads on a loom. With her new song “Tired,” out today (April 2), the Los Angeles transplant mixes the musical darkness of Billie Eilish with Hayley Williams’ deeply probing lyrics─to serve up a hypnotic elixir all her own. Get me off of this ride / I don’t know where it goes, she laments through a purple haze.

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“I was so damn tired of feeling so much,” she laughs. “I wrote ‘Tired’ during an extremely insecure period of my life where I fell into a daily loop of over-analyzing myself. One day, I got so damn bored and annoyed of thinking the same negative thoughts, so I grabbed my lyric book and out of frustration wrote: ‘I’m so tired of feeling so much.’ And the rest of the song flowed from there.”

“Tired,” recorded back in May 2020 with Ben Cohen at his home studio, places its bets on the universal themes of anxiety, depression, and insecurity. “The song feels like a potential turning point, saying, ‘Yeah, I’m insecure but I’m freaking over it.’ So, hopefully, it gives others a lil bit of hope for their own turning point. I always hope my listeners will enjoy my harmonies as much as me. But I’m also a self-proclaimed ‘harmony whore,’ soooo that will always be my answer.”

With a batch of wildly-successful singles to her credit, including “No Sleep” and “Static,” both 2020 releases, the singer-songwriter eyes even bigger success with “Tired.” Always one to write best “when I am alone and caffeinated,” she says, the San Diego native and popular YouTuber (nearly 500,000 followers and counting) also mines such influential pop figures as Amy Winehouse and Nina Simone in her work.

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