Clayton Anderson Shares How “Struggle Bus” Has Shifted From Its Original Meaning

Clayton Anderson was excited about his new song “Struggle Bus.” Hailing from the middle of middle America, Bedford, IN to be exact, Anderson grew up a half hour away from his hero John Mellencamp’s hometown and with many of the same values. Work hard. Be true to yourself. Take care of people. 

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All of which is exactly what he was trying to do in early May when he released his new single.

With a sound that mixes traditional country with fun, “Struggle Bus” falls along that same line. Though it was written long before the Coronavirus took its grip on the world, Clayton’s hope was by releasing it now that its singalong lyrics and a clap along summer feel would be a smile inducing reminder that we all struggle from time to time. It just so happened that when Covid-19 hit, that struggle came to the forefront for everyone in a hurry. 

“This song was written before COVID but now it takes on a whole new meaning. I am not making light of anyone’s struggles, because they’re all real and important and critical, but I’m hoping to offer a point of unity for all of us who are struggling and need a place to know ‘I’m not alone.’

Fritz Moser, Program Director at WYGB-FM just south of Indianapolis, agreed wholeheartedly with Anderson’s feeling. “Who hasn’t spent time on the Struggle Bus these last few months?  Clayton has a timely, upbeat, fun take on what a lot of us have felt.” Now hometown boy or not, there are few to no favors in radio these days. Radio is a business and businesses are in it to make money. If a song isn’t good enough, it doesn’t make the air, so if a PD is willing to put “Struggle Bus” into rotation on the air that means they think it belongs there. 

Unfortunately for Anderson, just a few weeks after its release he found out just how ‘all in this together’ we really are. 

Clichés are clichés for good reason and that’s because they’re rooted in truth. In this case, it’s the cliché ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished’ because as much as Anderson just wanted to help people smile and get through the despair, he has become part of the statistics himself. 

“This week I was diagnosed with COVID-19. This is horrible. I’d heard friends and acquaintances talk about how bad this was, but I never thought I could ever feel so sick. This is the worst I’ve ever felt. Ever.”

In no way, shape or form preaching or taking any sides on any of the debates, Anderson does want people to know a few things. He wants it known that this virus is very real, nothing to flirt with, and that he’s still thinking about everyone else before he’s thinking about himself.

“I took every precaution and still ended up with it. Please, everyone, take care out there,” he pleads. “Stay safe and know that y’all are in my prayers.”

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