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Cerebral alt-rock band Clem Snide have re-banded to record The Meat of Life, their seventh full-length album. The new record, due February 23, will be released by 429 Records. Chief songwriter Eef Barzelay was inspired to make the album after the positive reception Clem Snide received upon reforming in 2009 (the band went on hiatus in 2006.)

From the press release:

The Meat of Life is the follow-up to the highly acclaimed Hungry Bird which, as fans of the band are well aware, was a project fraught with uncertainty and plagued by delays not to mention disarray both within the band and from outside forces. It was a scenario that led founder Eef Barzelay to embark on a series of solo recordings and film scores (an endeavor he continues to pursue) that left the fate of the band in doubt. Luckily, the band regrouped, completed the recording and toured extensively together throughout 2009. Now consisting of the core trio of Barzelay, Brendan Fitzpatrick (bass, organ) and Ben Martin (drums, percussion), Clem Snide is a truly cohesive musical entity and the new album reflects it.

Produced by Clem Snide and Mark Nevers, The Meat Of Life contains twelve songs that further showcase the wry, intimate, sometimes angst-filled observations of songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Eef Barzelay. As the weighty title would suggest, there’s a depth of lyrical subject matter that Barzelay deftly presents alongside his streamlined band. The songs exude a variety of moods in their trademark angularity and carefully crafted style—somehow comfortingly familiar, yet imbued with a newfound energy and focus. With the help of additional musicians Tony Crow (piano, organ), Roy Agee (trombones) and Carole Rabinowitz (cello), Clem Snide have created an intriguing and oftentimes sublime musical palette. Certainly “The Meat of Life” is one of their most accomplished recordings yet.

In addition to his busy schedule with Clem Snide, Barzelay has continued to create music for distinguished film directors with several notable scores completed and in the works. Director Jeffrey Blitz (“Bottle Rocket”) has again tapped Barzelay for the music to his new documentary “Lucky” which will premiere at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival in January. Barzelay’s recently provided the music for“The Yellow Handkerchief” directed by Udayan Prasad. The film stars Kristen Stewart, William Hurt and Maria Bello and will hit theatres in the early part of 2010.

The Meat of Life track list:

1) Walmart Parking Lot

2) Denise

3) The Meat of Life

4) I Got High

5) Denver

6) Forgive Me Love

7) Stoney

8) BFF

9) Please

10) Song For Mary

11) With Nothing Much to Show of It

12) Anita

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