Sammie Lee Smith To Coldplay: You Stole My Songs

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Coldplay can’t catch a break. The British pop rockers are being sued by Sammie Lee Smith, a self-described “unkown” but “well-talented” songwriter, who claims Chris Martin and co. owe their career to him. According to TMZ, Smith filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court, accusing the band of cherry-picking his music for the songs “Trouble,” “Clocks,” and “Yellow,” which the band then went on to turn into major hits. Over the last two years, Coldplay have faced similar accusations of plagiarism from Joe Satriani, Yusuf Islam, and Creaky Boards.

Smith is suing the band for an undisclosed sum. Good luck with that.


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  1. Well its certainly possible being an old timer I hear a pile of licks and phrases IDENTICAL to many many famous hits. Its become common place in many rising stars songs
    There are very few totally original hits out there some are totally compiled of pieces and parts of two or three classic hits Just listen closeley and youll hear them
    Coldplay settled out with Satriani and the similarities were no accident.

    Lots of redone licks and phrases from the late sixties and early seventies
    Many other newer artists are at it too

  2. And maybe he never heard the band Cold Play, and suddenly hears his own song. This explains like I said before they can put out amazing songs…but the rest crap & boring.

  3. 1) “Crap and boring” is an opinion. I personally like almost every one of their songs

    2) Coldplay is one of the most famous bands in the world right now. It’s unlikely somebody has never heard of them unless they live in a third-world country, unlike this “Sammie Lee Smith”

    3) As CP Fan said, these songs were on albums released in 2000 and 2002. Why didn’t he sue them back then? He’s certainly had plenty of time.

  4. Ugh…I wish people would just leave Coldplay alone, this idiot obviously has no idea what je is getting into, and there is absolutely no possible way that he would not have heard one of these songs earlier, they play on TV all the time. The idiot just wants mone from them, because apparently he;s running low on it, and im just waiting for him to try to prove that he had and recorded these songs before Coldplay did…what a scumbag…

  5. This is ridiculous, why do people keep suing?
    Coldplay probably has never even heard of this random guys music. In fact, he does call himself “unknown.”
    Also Chris Martin has told the story about how he come upon naming yellow and writing it and he’s also explained how he got the main tune of Clocks originally.
    This random guy makes no sense…and is stupid

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