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If you’ve ever wanted to collaborate with people from around the world on songwriting, you know it can be difficult. How do you connect? How do you find people with similar writing styles? How do you find money or time to work together? One producer from Israel bypassed all of these problems by using the collaborative nature of Fiverr, an online tool for connecting people with services.

Kutiman put together this song called “Inner Galactic Lovers” by using pieces of songs from people across the globe. The end result was called “The Fiverr-Kutiman Project,” and it’s a great example of how to be innovative in today’s world to create something new and exciting. Kutiman is no stranger to innovative projects such as this – he got his start on YouTube in 2009 with a video called “Thru-You.” He has since been commissioned by several cities such as New York and Tel Aviv to create videos, which take amateur YouTube videos and mash them up together to create a unique song.

When working on the Fiverr project, Kutiman was able to work directly with the “sellers,” the people making different parts of the songs, in order to make the project even more collaborative than any he had done before. As he told Fiverr, “There were really only good surprises [from sellers],” he says. “For example, I asked the first drummer for a couple of beats, and he sent me like ten different loops. People did a lot more than I expected them to.”

A key part of the process of putting together a video project like this was paying close attention to the actual video footage used, in addition to the sound. The personalities of the performers were crucial, as Kutiman wanted to make sure everyone was lined up correctly and genuinely performing. Overall, the final piece shows off all the performers’ visual and musical talents, as well as the producer’s.

Fiverr is continuing to push the boundaries of collaboration and music creation by hosting The Big Hook contest, judged by Louisa Wendorff, Christian Lopez, Whitney Coleman, and others. You can enter the contest by clicking here!

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