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Mike Guiney Scores 2019 Lyric Contest Grand Prize

Gananoque, Ontario-based songwriter Mike Guiney has scored the Grand Prize for the 2019 American Songwriter Lyric Contest. The winning lyric, "Changing (While Staying The Same)," won 1st place in the May/June bi-monthly contest. Each year, all six...

Annual Lyric Contest Winner Set To Be Announced Soon

American Songwriter has received countless submissions for each 2019 bi-monthly Lyric Contest in hopes of being awarded annual Grand prize -- and the time to make a final decision is fast approaching. The winner will receive:

Bob Dylan Song Contest Winner Announced: Rod Abernethy “Oxford Town”

Abernethy turned the relatively obscure early Dylan song about racial injustice into a tour-de-force, complete with a focused vocal delivery, tight and percussive rhythm, fiery guitar licks and solid harmonica playing.

November/December 2019 Lyric Contest Winners

Congratulations to all our November/December 2019 winners! Click here to enter the January/February 2020 contest! 1st Place "Parallel Universes" by Larry E. Black Asheville, NC Somewhere, someone is kissing a loverthat should've been mine.Somewhere, someone is rocking a babydescended from my line.Somewhere,...

September/October 2019 Lyric Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of our September/October 2019 winners! Click here to enter the November/December 2019 contest. 1st Place“Where The River Runs Clear"by Scott D. SmithColumbus, OH I remember when I was...

July/August 2019 Lyric Contest Winners

July/August 2019 Lyric Contest Winners Congratulations to all our July/August 2019 Winners! 1st Place “Cradle Of The Moon” Lucy LeBlanc Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

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