Correatown: Pleiades

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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

There’s a strong possibility that a good many listeners have heard Angela Correa’s voice without even realizing it. Aside from having her songs appear on any number of prime-time network TV series, the Los Angeles by-way-of San Diego singer-songwriter most prominently provided vocals for Jenna Fischer’s Darlene in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. For a voice as sublime as Correa’s, however, even that kind of exposure seems woefully inadequate. On Pleiades, her second album under the Correatown moniker, those pipes are clearly the starring role, sweetly and serenely floating atop a supple bed of dreamy electronic pop compositions. She’s not so much a dramatic singer as one with a naturally gorgeous voice, more hypnotic than exclamatory. Yet it’s that velvet throat that makes each song such a delight, from the opening girl-group harmonies of “Valparaiso” to her multi-tracked siren song on the seductively melancholy “The Point.” None of this is to say that the songs, themselves, aren’t excellent in their own right, but with a voice as heavenly as Correa’s, you can hardly go wrong.


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